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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Your FPGA Code


This is simply great - I've been reading all the Verilog tutorials I can find and non of your tips came up in any of them. I am sure that many of us newbies appreciate the effort that you went to in making these suggestions.

I'm making very good progress with the full implementation of the Wolfson interface and will have it ready for critique very shortly.

Just a few  questions:

I will need to use the 24.576MHz clock from the Wolfson/TI A/D as the means of changing states. It would be useful to frequency double this to allow me to add more states in the future if needed. I could use the PLL to do this but would rather keep this free for something more exciting in the future. If I were doing this in hardware I would simply use an XOR and delay the clock to one input, is it this approach sound in an FPGA?

Phil C advised that I need to attach the 24.576MHz clock to pin 66 of the Xylo FPGA - why can't I use just any pin?

When running a simulation I can choose either Functional or Timing. Until you pointed out the Functional option I've been using Timing mode which allows me to generate the simulation waveforms by simply clicking on the Blue Squarewave button. What are the reasons for the two modes and when should each be used?

Thanks in advance for your help.

73's Phil...VK6APH

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