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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Xylo

I'd like to see a stuffing option for a JTAG connector (with the appropriate
pullup/downs) to the Cycle II.  Allows you to then use the Quartus SignalTap
feature (very convenient debug tool).

Also - on-board voltage regulation would be very nice.

- Jeff, WA6AHL

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A USB2 port to talk to the PC, a I2C port to talk to the A/D and D/A
chips, and a bunch of I/O pins, what else do we need?

Maybe a second I2C header (2 bits + header), one for A/D the other
for slower peripheral I/O scattered through a system? That doesn't
cost much. Or perhaps a I2S interface (3 bits + header), some A/D and
codec devices require I2S instead of I2C. These items are mostly
implemented in the FPGA but it would be nice to have the connector on board.

A Ethernet 100T port? That would be nice, but can be added in
afterwards (2 bits + magnetic jack or a add-on board) at slightly
more expense compared to built in.

Let us not forget a program to make the thing do something useful.

I've been reading up on Verilog, the language is starting to make
sense, scary thought. Too bad it didn't exist when I was working as a
Engineer (up to 1983) it would have made life easier.

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>By the way the Saxo board uses the Altera's Cyclone FPGA EP1C3T100
>so your board with the Cyclone II will be the developers hot-rod.
>I just noticed that. The Saxo appears to be more of a basic system
>than the Xylo board, with much less stuff on it, and a lot cheaper.
>I've got one of the Xilinx/Digilent Spartan 3 kits with a -400 part.
>It was only $125 from Digilent. It's better in some ways than the
>Xylo board, but doesn't have USB.
>My Cyclone II chips have been shipped, according to FedEx. They
>haven't left Memphis, yet, so I probably won't get them for a couple of
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Cecil Bayona

I fail to see why doing the same thing over and over and getting the
same results every time is insanity: I've almost proved it isn't;
only a few more tests now and I'm sure results will differ this time ...

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