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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Xylo - smt proto boards

Unfortunately the source of proto boards I've used in the past (http://home.att.net/~jacksonharbor/smt.htm) does not currently have the board in production.

Nevertheless, here's a Wolfson mounted and ready for me to build up the remainder of the circuit: http://www.tracey.org/wjt/temp/wolfson.jpg It may not be pretty but it should be workable, at least for getting the control sigs correct.

Here's how a completed project using this method looks: http://www.tracey.org/wjt/temp/pcm2900-2-web.jpg -- this is a PCM 2900 USB Codec I did a while back. Works well enough for prototype purposes. Will admit the version of the circuit Tony did for the SoftRock was a bit quieter than this prototype board.

It does look like Far Circuits has two boards that will deal with a 28 pin SOIC - http://www.farcircuits.net/brdbd.htm#3bds Look at the SMT Manhattan Style boards, and the 116 pin and 1 28 pin breadboard.

Something to be aware of on these, I do not believe they have a solder mask, so soldering to them can be a bit more tedious than soldering a board with solder mask.


Bill (kd5tfd)

At 05:56 AM 12/14/2005, ecellison wrote:

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little easier to handle these itty bitty peppercorns! I know that Bill -
KD5TFD has done a lot of this and has some small prototype board sources.

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