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Re: [Xylo-SDR] RFC - Audio A/D and Codec's in the running.

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From: ecellison
Sent: Sunday, December 18, 2005 4:57 AM
Subject: [Xylo-SDR] RFC - Audio A/D and Codec's in the running.



Per our discussions today on Teamspeak, here are the products under consideration. I have forgotten the parts mentioned by N4HY as being good candidates. Phil K3IB mentioned he might be willing to put the associated parts around these chips to give us high quality digitization, and features we are requesting. There is no rush on this, let?s make a good choice of parts.


Resources assembled by Don - AE5K


Wolfson chips:

WM8785 adc general info http://www.wolfsonmicro.com/products/digital_audio/adcs/WM8785/

WM8785 Data Sheet http://www.wolfsonmicro.com/uploads/documents/WM8785.pdf

WM8971 codec general info http://www.wolfsonmicro.com/products/digital_audio/codecs/WM8971/

WM8971 Data Sheet http://www.wolfsonmicro.com/uploads/documents/WM8971.pdf


Phil Covington's candidates:


TI Chips:

PCM4202 adc general info http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/pcm4202.html

PCM4202 Data Sheet http://www-s.ti.com/sc/ds/pcm4202.pdf

TLV320AIC23B codec general info http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/tlv320aic23b.html

TLV320AIC23B Data Sheet http://www-s.ti.com/sc/ds/tlv320aic23b.pdf



Asahi Kasei ADC Chip:

AK5394A Data Sheet http://www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/akm/en/product/ak5394a/ek5394a.pdf

AKD5394 Eval board http://www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/akm/en/product/ak5394a/ekd5394a-03.pdf




Course if we want to design an SDR without QSD perhaps this find by Phil Covington would be of use! Just A/D and a FPGA! (course a good front end and FX2 in the back)


I almost fell out of my chair when Phil mentioned this in a PM several weeks ago! Hope I'm not stepping on any toes here Phil!






I've got a couple of AD9445s (14-bit) coming from ADI! I ordered them last week, and should get them in a couple of days. Perhaps I should simply put one of them on a board with the Cyclone 2 and forget about the audio ADC and radio front-end!