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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Firewire, DSP and FPGA on one module

Baaa. There is no such thing with this crowd. The discussion is free and open and jump in any time you like.


S. Cash Olsen wrote:


Thanks for the clarification. I probably jumped into the discussion a
few days late (I've only been reading the posts for a week or so). I
also read SDR as a generic term as opposed to the specific case and now
understand the USB issue.

I will continue to monitor and hopefully will be able to participate and
contribute. There is a great deal I can learn from this forum.

My interests are very much in-line with this discussion but with a
different end goal. I'm kitting the Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer and at
the present time we use a 10.7MHz IF followed by a power detector
(currently the AD8307) but I would like to explore the use of SDR to
replace the power detector (wideband) with a software tunable power
detector. At the present time I don't even need the demodulating
capabilities. The project is very heavily tied to the PC for scanning,
control and display and that is not anything I want or need to do away
with but I could, in my mind, simplify the first LO scanning (now done
with a PLL and DDS for the fine tuning the reference frequency) and use
only the PLL and then scan the IF to pull out the video (vertical trace
of the Spectrum Analyzer) using the SDR techniques (processing done
primarily in the PC sound card or one step beyond with DSP hardware).

Keep up the information and momentium.


Cash Olsen, KD5SSJ

Laziness is the number one inspiration for ingenuity.  Guilty as charged!