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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Latest S3 ADC schematic


Thanks for remembering me. Unfortunately for various persoal (family)
reasons I cannot attend the Teamspeak but by listening the recordings
afterwards. I will comment in writing, if anything I'm able to

Thanks for the Christmas card and chips. They are now waiting for the
better time and circuit board layout. I am using Cadsoft's Eagle
http://www.cadsoft.de/freeware.htm  for circuit diagrams and layouts.
Eagle is free (with some limitations) and many prototype houses accept
it without Gerber files. If Gerbers are needed, Eagle can produce those.

I am not in a hurry with these experiments. In the longer run my
interest is in PC independent (portable) radios that I like to call
in my jargon "Firmware Defined Radios" (FDR). Saxo with TI chips (and
possibly Blackfin) may be the best tools for the development.

73, Ahti OH2RZ

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Incidentally I have suggested that we have a Xylo group Teamspeak
on Saturdays at 1700 so that those interested in this group in EU can
participate. Ahti? Leon? Others in EU? WATSA?