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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Some design thoughts requested


Thanks, will focus on that and take a look at extruded cases. I have a
number of suppliers that I googled. Will fit the boards to the case and this
size is probably good enough for almost anything we want to do on one board
and gives enough space across the front to place connectors.


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On 1/4/06, Eric Ellison <ecellison@comcast.net> wrote:
> I have not seen a ¼ size 3 U, EuroCard with 41612 after a lot of searchin.
> I'm sure they are probably out there but it didn't Google well. The 3 U
> is WAY too much real estate for anything we are thinking about so far, and
> at $2.50/sq inch for a 'manufactured' board puts the 3 U unit on the
> expensive side (for hobbiest) projects.

If we keep to the 3U height (100mm or 3.93") we can use the 96 pin
connector (3 rows - 32 pins).  The length of the board then will be
what we make it.  A good size for our work would be somewhere around
2" - so the board would be 3.93"x2"... if you are trying to fit it
into an extruded case like the Hammond 1455 series.  If you don't care
about it fitting the case then you might as well make the board

> I really do like the Hirose and is available in almost all configurations
> are interested in at 5-8 bux a connector from Digi-Key in one quantity.
> Looks to me like the pin spacing and density are about right with 80
> positions, for home brew circuit boards. With the right MB and an extruded
> case of the right length, we are in business. Actually we are in business
> either connector style if we come up with a reasonable number of
> on the MB and our own motherboard to fit an extruded 'slide board'
> enclosure. Preferable board style would be wider for the external
> connections and shallow for minimal surface area in line with our smt

The only thing about the Hirose FX2 is that (I think) you are locked
into one manufacturer.

My vote is for the DIN41612 connectors... preferably the 96 pin connector...

73 de Phil N8VB
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