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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Questions - Enclosure - MB - Kicad


Ok, Ok, I'm on m, cm, mm now! Now if I could figure out what 37 C deg in
Australia is like, I'll be a metric convert! (smile)


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> I don't mind 4", it'll give more room for tracks, which my board will 
> have a
> lot of, and I might be able to make them 8 mils. 6 mil tracks don't 
> cost any
> more than 8 mil ones, from most suppliers, though.

If possible, keep it 8 mils or 0.2 mm. Many of the protoshops 
(especially in the cheap East) charge more of the 0.15 mm tracks. Also 
the yield will be better with wider tracks.

Ahti OH2RZ

PS: Several decades ago I saw one American engineer complaining in the 
IEEE Spectrum that people are going inch by inch to the SI units of 
measurements at the speed of furlong per fortnight. Seems to be true, 
still! :-D

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