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Re: [Xylo-SDR] RFC - Powers



Well for external, and for experimentation I was thinking something like this. Ya can’t beat the price.





I’m Googling an internal equivalent.




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Sorry I didn't address inside/outside for the power source. If the power requirements are modest, then an internal power supply is desirable from a wiring point. A small switcher specially when fed by +13.8V, with plenty of noise reducing techniques could live inside the box without major problems.

Also if the power requirements are modest then there is a second alternative, I have several wall warts that put out +5 volts at 5A, +-12 at 1.5A. These came from equipment that was trashed at work, so something similar should be available. This has the advantage of removing a source of electrical noise from the box, and a source of heat that can make the oscillators drift, while keeping it to one power cord into the box.

If you desire to have a HF amplifier in the box of modest power, there is little choice but to have an external power supply, the box is too small to handle a lot of heat.

At 04:03 PM 1/15/2006, you wrote:

Changed the subject in the header.
I hope folks like Bill – KD5TFD, Phil – VK6APH, Phil – N8VB are designing their projects based on some of the constants we are defining are NOT reading all this stuff based on subject. Hopefully they WILL trust that we are commenting and deciding and are keeping their project in mind.
What powers do we want coming into the MB?
Do we want to create a power board within the enclosure or have power source external to the enclosure?
I’ll kick it off.
I would like to see us use the ‘rest’ of our 100 x 156 (ID) x 113 mm enclosure for a powers board.
I would like to see a SINGLE 12 volt input to the back of the enclosure with other voltages derived from that via DC-DC regulators.
On project board regulators should use the power supplied from this slide in board for component power, from the buss.
Thoughts for the ‘rest of the space’ is take +12 Volt input from the back of the enclosure to a DC to DC converter to supply:
+12 V ( passthru from back panel regulated, not highly filtered, unlimited current)
5 V
+/- 15 V.
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