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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Enclosure Drawing


Thanks again, wish I had all the drawing tools.

Several things to note for discussion:

1. From where you have the 101 mm dimension line drawn, to the left edge of
the enclosure is where the 100 W PA goes. (smile)

2. I was going to (and did start counting slots and drawing lines) move the
first connector to the right 1 slot to use the surplus from the radius.

3 Also note, depending on height of components, a 100 x 100 circuit board
can be mounted between each card for shielding.

4. The left side of the cabinet can be used for other components like power
regulators, bricks etc.

5. I have been reconsidering Lyle's comment about making the endcover, the
buss circuit board. We would have to come up with some suitable coverplate,
over that, however, the design would be simplified considerably, albeit a
little more expensive due to board area. Comments?


I did Google around looking for inexpensive PCB's for end plates in pre-cut
single or double sided circuit board material. Couldn't find the right

So looked at aluminum, still no exact size, however I did find the
ExpressPCB equivalent in machine shop. Looking at the examples and just
looking at simple plates, it wouldn't take many to beat the Rose+Bopla price
for endplates.

Check it out. I played with it a little but did not get prices. Even without
buying anything, it's fun to play with the free software, and it will do



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Here is a drawing I made of the enclosure based on the measurements you


This would be looking at the enclosure from the front panel side.  The
connectors on the vertical plug-in boards are at the bottom where they
would mate with the connectors on the motherboard.  The motherboard
would be mounted with stand-offs to the back plate.

I have not shown the motherboard in the drawing.

Is this what you were thinking?

73 de Phil N8VB
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