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Re: [Xylo-SDR] RFC - Powers

How about a happy compromise, use the 4 pin connector like Phil suggest, but put holes on the motherboard for two of them, you can put them in if you want to, in case you need beefier ground and +12V.

At 10:44 AM 1/19/2006, you wrote:
On 1/19/06, John Kolb <jlkolb@jlkolb.cts.com> wrote:
> If we are going to use a 4 pin connector with gnd, +5, +/-12V, lets use
> something different than the 4 pin standard on PC power supplies to
> prevent confusion. Maybe a 5 or 6 pin with 2 or 3 grounds.
> John  KK6IL


The 4 pin connector on a PC power supply is:

1 - +12V
2 - GND
3 - GND
4 - +5V

If we use the following pin out on our 4 pin connector:

1 - +12V
2 - -12V
3 - GND
4 - +5V

then if someone plugged the 4 pin receptacle from the PC power supply
into the motherboard power connector, they would be supplying ground
(or 0 Volts) to the -12V input line which should cause no smoke.  As a
matter of fact, if your project does not require the -12V then it
would allow you to plug in the PC power supply without having to wire
up a 4 pin receptacle to get the -12V.

I like the 4 pin molex connector because it is cheap, abundant, and
can be scrounged from many sources...

73 de Phil N8VB
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