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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Contest Announcement


I like the direction you are going! Actually had PM'ed Don with "Flex
(something in the name) which is in keeping with the entire concept of what
we are doing and from whence we came. Also my reference to Symphony, since
this is a really orchestrated device, with many individual artists
contributing. I think FPGA should accompany whatever 'name' we come up with
so it hits fpga in search engines, it does not have to be in the name
itself: Flexessory FPGA Project.

We could also have Sub project names based on the same root. Flexessory

I prefer this to 'acronyms'. Not saying it should be 'excessory' just more
than an acronym.


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Just to make sure that we have some choice, let me throw another one in the 

If I recall correctly, this project once started off under the guise of 
Universal Station Accessory (USA, later renamed AUS-USA), which was on the 
back burner for quite a while until the Xylo FPGA gave it the push (kick?) 
it needed.

What is being thought out here is indeed a universal accessory in the sense 
that many options are possible, ranging from "just" replacing the sound card

to a full blown SDR. In fact, "flexible" might describe it better than 
universal. So it's actually a (very) flexible accessory, or to concatenate 
freely, a


with a wink to FlexRadio. Whether or not that makes this reflector a meeting

place for people who like to Flexessorize I'll leave up to others to decide.

73 de Joe - AB1DO 

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