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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Contest Announcement


(smile)... I'm just one of the contestants here! Let the flavors flow! I'm
not even volunteering to be a judge! My prize still stands 1 used PC power
supply. I agree with your premise here!

I just want to get away from the tendency for techies like us to love our
acronyms! We need something which Emotes, on it's own. 

It needs to be FAST, LOW TO THE ground with Wings so it can soar when it
wants to! 

If we ever want to have a flame war, let's do it over the name not the
design! (smile!) Just make sure it has a good flavor. Mom and Apple Pie


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On 1/20/06, Eric Ellison <ecellison@comcast.net> wrote:

> I like the direction you are going! Actually had PM'ed Don with "Flex
> (something in the name) which is in keeping with the entire concept of
> we are doing and from whence we came.


I thought the reason why you wanted to redefine the name was to get
away from the association with XYLO/FPGA4Fun?  It seems to me that
having Flex-(anything) in the name only associates the project with
Flex Radio instead of XYLO/FPGA4fun...

I think Flex-(anything) is a bad idea.  This project should have it's
own identity and the name should not be tied in to any company, IMHO.

73 de Phil N8VB
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