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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Aria Case... DIN41612 Backplane...


Great! Yes! I guess we were all in goosestep thought .... Blocked!

This keeps getting better and better! Still need an high speed buss standard
coming off somewhere on the "Leon<->Lion FPGA" card. Must be accessible at
high speeds on a quiet LVDS buss standard. Anyone take a look at the AMP TP
and shielded stuff? I am still hoping that Phil doesn't need to put another
FPGA and flash chip on his "Phil<->HPSDR" board! I don't think the
"Phil<->Bill USA" board is going to need it.


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> Phil
> Dang! We think the same things at the same time and our e-mails pass! I 
> and have been thinking about all the "Front Panel" stuff we could do. It
> even 'translates' to any other enclosure a user would want if we stick 
> with
> the 5.25 inch standard opening mounted on a cheap drive bracket! Think of
> it! LCD display etc! (smile) The PC case stuff is just to universal and 
> good
> to pass up for the project! Especially since we decided to use a power
> supply. The power supply in the Aria is pretty darn quiet and good!
> WE can put the 100 watt PA in the hole left by the ATX connector stack
> opening!
> I agree, just too many objectors to the PCI stuff and for pretty good
> reasons. Your idea for a backplane we design which nuzzles up to a PC 4+
> slot L-bracket is great! I'm also ready to dump the 96 pins in favor of .1
> in some squat down style and go twisted pair for HS.
> I have other comments on this train of thought. If anything we need a high
> speed and low speed buss on this projects, and gotta figure a way to
> accomplish that.

All we need for that is a daughter board, as I was intending to add. That 
may be used for things like prototyping, adding RF connectors, etc. leaving 
the main board just for digital stuff connected directly to the FPGA.


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