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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Lionheart Block diagram v1.4

Folks - Phil

I think we should put the board diagram in visio format on SVN. If I am
reading Dale correctly anything can be put in the versioning and leverage
the power and organization of versions. 

This is a very valuable tool for the group and I think both lurkers and
active folks should learn to use it. The latest gif can be uploaded and
pasted in the message, while the latest version of visio is on SVN.

This is also a great way for us to learn to use the SVN tool.



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Latest Lionheart  Visio block diagram at
and gif at

Thanks for all the feedback.


- Removed RS232 (will place on Janus board)
- Added  MCP120T  reset device  (Lyle  - please check it is reticulated 
- Added LDVS input socket for 200MHz DDS etc clock - What type of connector 
is used with LVDS? Should this be on edge of PCB?
- Moved USB, LED's, GPS and I/O connectors to front edge of PCB
- Added 24LC64 EPROM to FX2 via I2C.
- Added 48MHz system clock to bus

Phil_C what will you need in the way of bus signals  to/from your high speed

A/D D/A board?

Feedback please!

73's  Phil....VK6APH

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