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[Xylo-SDR] Really need a project name!



Please take a little time in your extremely creative thought to come up with a CREATIVE group name/project name. We really do need to disassociate from Xylo.


I was going to make a small $ contribution to Tortoise SVN working group today in our project name, since it is SUCH a valuable tool for us. (Just been playing with it).


Intellectual Property being donated by you and other groups like Tortoise SVN, Dia etc. are a thrilling team effort which makes being an “amateur ANYTHING”, synergistic and more pleasurable.


I’ll be the judge of the name and will give it till 1-FEB-2006. If nothing by that time I’ll make one up myself and get Don and other links to adjust, where possible. This thingy we are doing really is exciting and is a GO!