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[Xylo-SDR] Old list back, Alt list discontinued, and more


As of this morning, our old Xylo-SDR discussion list is back up and
appears to be working.

Now...please no longer use the Alt-xylo reflector.  (In fact it appears
to be not working ;-)   We may have lost the archive of the few messages
which were posted on it.

Feel free to again use this Xylo-SDR reflector.  I've got my fingers
crossed that it will stay working.

Sorry for all the hassle ... let's hope things go well now on autopilot

Don AE5K
Xylo-SDR List Administrator

PS - as soon as Eric decides on a new group name, we'll be changing list
names (again!).  At least now your admin is more seasoned in doing so ;-)