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This is a wiki page which will be used to document ancillary equipment or "stuff" that may be useful to the general HPSDR project.

Good Reading Link

GNU Radio has a nice page with a lot of good reference reading information on it.

Power Supply

Here's a link to one possible VERY SMALL power supply for the Atlas backplane:

Please note that extensive testing has not been performed yet on this unit and as of this writing it is not in stock. The HPSDR group does not necessarily recommend this particular supply at this time.

HF Power Amplifiers, operated by Virgil K5OOR, offers some interesting kits which might be suitable for HPSDR project transmitting when Phoenix or Penelope becomes available, or for other transmitters. The link is Two current offerings are a "pre-amp" (PA-100) for boosting a HF signal from the 100 mw range to the 5 watt or greater region, to be able to drive the SUPERPACKER PRO solid state amplifier -- a 100 watt continuous duty beast! Be aware that this is NOT an open source project, and the one submitting this information has some serious reservations about the operation of the amplifier and the project.

Modified Norton Amp simulation using Infineon BFP 490

This simulation agrees with my test-circuit within about 0.2dB

Depending on the transformer, (2+2)/2, inductance, this works from 1 MHZ to 1 GHz max. The IP3 of about 38 dBm is excellent, the NF about 2dB. The reverse isolation can be more then 60dB, and a push-pull version has reduced IP2.

Have fun, 73 de Ulrich, N1UL

Click on the "media" link below each drawing if you want a PDF file with slightly higher resolution.

Norton 2stage amp.jpg media:Norton 2stage amp2.pdf

Norton 2tone test.jpg media:Norton 2Tone test2.pdf

Norton sweep.jpg media:Norton Sweep2.pdf