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Cyclops - 0 to 1GHz Spectrum Analyzer and Tracking Generator

Largely based on Scotty's Spectrum Analyser [SSA] but with a 50MHz second IF based around Mercury or QuickSilver. Moving the second IF to 50MHz simplifies the filtering after the first mixer which means we can most likely use a SAW or Ceramic filter here rather than the multi-stage cavity filter used in the SSA.

For the PC software Phil, N8VB, has generously provided us access to his SharpDSP dll and MercScope code. This gives us a very good start since we will be starting from a working code base.

Phil's code is written in C# and can be built using the free Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 IDE. Since Phil's code was designed to work with a very limited set of hardware it is very straightforward and I think quite suitable for a beginner to work on. I intend that we develop our own custom PC code for Cyclops and not attempt to modify PowerSDR.

Please note that the project is intended to develop a spectrum analyser and not a broadband receiver - we will be grabbing a number of samples from the ADC and then processing them at our (PC's) leisure rather than doing this in real-time.

So far, with lots of patient support from Bill, KD5TFD, I've been able to modify Phil's code to display a simulated 0 - 55MHz output from the LT2208 ADC on Mercury. By simulating an input those interested can work on the code without the need for any hardware for the time being.

If there are any budding programmers in the group that would like to assist with the code then there is one area I'd appreciate some assistance with. I'd like to use DirectX (Direct3D) to display the spectrum rather than GDI that Phil used (even though there appears to be a substantial graphics speed improvement using .NET2 compared with .NET1). This will take a substantial load off the PC CPU and transfer it to the Graphics Processor.

Ideas, comments and suggestions are welcome.

73's Phil...VK6APH