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A cross platform HPSDR Radio platform

C++/Qt version of the ghpsdr3

Screenshot of the ghpsdr3 GUI on 20 meters. (Click to enlarge)

ghpsdr3-Qt is a software defined radio server/client or server/dspserver/client format C++/Qt program written specifically for HPSDR by John Melton, G0ORX/N6LYT.

The software is being developed on the Ubuntu version of Linux (specifically version 11.10). I also compiles and runs on Windows 7 and Windows XP, and MacOS

This version of ghpsdr3-Qt allows for the server and client to be on the same machine or separate machines. The server is written in C++/Qt and run on John and others are working on a full set of clients to run on multiple machines connecting to the servers through TCP/IP protocals.

To follow the development of this code look at John's Blog