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Screenshot of the ghpsdr3 GUI on 20 meters. (Click to enlarge)

The receiver in the ghpsdr3 suite of programs can be found in the receiver subdirectory and the compiled program is called ghpsdr. This program has both the DSP code and the GUI in a single program. It talks to the server program directly as a consequence. As this program has a high bandwidth load it works best on the same computer as the server program. This program is written with the| GTK2 GUI Library.

ghpsdr can accept command line setting in the following format.

--sound-card (default)

--sample-rate (48000|96000|19200)

sample rate the receiver will take data from the server.

--property-path (local directory)

--receiver (0|1|2|3)

receiver that this client is attached to (Please note singular). Also please not that receivers are 0 based.

--server (

ip address of the server machine. Default is the localhost (





--debug-udp (1)