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Most of the HPSDR software repositories are managed by Subversion, which is a popular collaborative software/firmware development tool for open-source projects. Wikipedia has an overview of SVN at

To access this software you will need to install and use a Subversion (SVN) client. There are several clients listed at the above Wikipedia page. Some of our users have found TortoiseSVN for Windows XP easy to use; it can be downloaded from: The Tortoise documentation is at or can be accessed by pressing the F1 key in any Tortoise dialog box.

A free book on subversion is available at:

Downloading with TortoiseSVN

This is meant to be a simplified procedure to use the Windows SVN client 'TortoiseSVN'.

  • You have TortoiseSVN installed and working.
  • Create a new empty directory, Give it a name appropriate to the item(s) you are downloading.
  • Go to that empty directory, right click in the empty directory and from the menu choices choose 'SVN Checkout'. Enter the svn address of the item you want in the box titled 'URL of repository:'. A typical entry would be:
  • Click OK.

It should download all the data into the directory.....