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KISS Konsole - Feature Requests This is the place to enter your 'dreams' for enhancements. Progress will be indicated by indented responses. Please feel free to do any of this!

Current Wish List - 1 August 2009

What Volunteer Status
Improve the AGC performance, add user controls George K9TRV
Add Penny config on Setup form and run I2C commands to set it up Phil VK6APH DONE, for V1.0.5 release
Add tabs to the Setup form and group controls onto relevant tabs George K9TRV DONE, for V1.0.5 release
Add Tx filter bandwidth control to the Setup form Phil VK6APH DONE, for V1.0.5 release
Add full split frequency duplex facility in FPGAs Phil VK6APH
Show Power output on meter when on transmit
Add mic gain/AGC settings contol to Setup form
Add CW keyer/Memory keyer etc
Allow Setup of CW note frequency (presently fixed at 700Hz) Mark W8XR DONE, for V1.0.5 release
Add multi band EQ for Rx
Add RF speech processor (intend to use VShaper by Alex VE3NEA) [1]
Add VOX, anti VOX and Noise gate controls
Add second receiver within the bandscope bandwidth.
Add second independant frequency/bandwidth receiver in the Mercury FPGA (after 5 is done) Phil VK6APH
Add Tx tune control with level as a percentage of gain/band Phil VK6APH DONE, for V1.0.5 release
Add Tx MOX and duplex control Phil VK6APH DONE, for V1.0.5 release
Add Tx drive level control plus band-by-band gain and save in KK.csv Phil VK6APH DONE, for V1.0.5 release
Add Penny J6 pin controls George K9TRV DONE, for V1.0.5 release
Add frequency and level calibration controls
Add transverter controls.
  1. see

VK6APH 07:32, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

Lock Spectrum

Add provision to "lock" spectrum and tune Mercury (and Penelope) within that window. This would conceptually be something like the second receiver function in PowerSDR. This could be useful, for example, in a CW contest where you don't want the spectrum display to move around when you pounce on another station. Or a RTTY contest, where you just want to see the data sub-band,or SSB...

Comment - simpler to add a second receiver I think. VK6APH 08:52, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

Test Equip?

Could some of this code be used as digital test software for the HPSDR board set? I can imagine sending various 'commands' and testing for the 'correct' response. Richard Ames, VK2NRA 21:11, 2 June 2009 (UTC)


I can for-see doing fingerprinting of signals. Think of the advantage in contests if the computer 'automagically' tagged each of the signals on the bandscope with a callsign and changed the colour depending on whether you have logged a contact with them.... the rules will probably outlaw it!  :-) Regards, Richard Ames, VK2NRA 22:46, 2 June 2009 (UTC)