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A few notes on my initial PANDORA experience:

1) We need to measure the distance between ATLAS and the LPU and see if we can get threaded male-female #4 spacers of the correct length to attach ATLAS to PANDORA,and provide the correct height to fasten the LPU.

2) The screw to attach ATLAS to PANDORA which goes through the mounting ears of the DIN connector need to be slightly longer than the supplied 1/4" length. I used a pair of 3/8" length screws for this.

3) I used #4 internal tooth lock washers under the four (4) corner screws that attach ATLAS to PANDORA.

4) The Black Oxide coating on the supplied screws rubbed off a bit during normal handling.

5) We need to locate a source for QUIET 90mm or 92mm fans, with vibration-isolating mounts (like rubber grommets?). The fan I am using is too small (80 mm), is secured with only two (2) screws, and the case acts like a sounding board, making this the loudest item in my ham shack! Prior to mounting, the fan was a typical PC case fan which was neither quiet nor loud when sitting on the workbench blowing air across the LPU and Mercury.

de KK7P