Teamspeak index 2009

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This is an index of the subjects discussed in the weekly Teamspeak sessions.

Use your web browser search facility (control F) to search it.

20 June

00:00 Dave (KV0S) in the chair. Canvas web browser interface.

George, K9TRV, progress on KISS console.
Greg, ZL3IX, Mechanically RF tight enclosure... grounding USB connection. Drive level.
Phil, VK6APH, KISS click and drag tuning. Fix drag bug. Working on S meter. AGC work - George is being very modest. Working with Kirk on Ozy + Janus code, making good progress.
Bill, KD5TFD, Scaling PwrSDR with multiple cores.
Al, N0TVG, Blackfin with ucLinux.

09:56 Multi-receive - does it work? It should. Maybe back down on the display update setting to lower CPU load.
14:00 Email
15:15 Acorn distributed servers.
18:00 ghpsdr - Making progress - getting ready to write transmit elements. Has 48, 96, 192K displays.
20:15 Multi core loading continued with graph.
21:35 AGC SW sampling rate... S meter.
25:50 Multi receive again. CPU speed, buffering, etc.
30:10 Blackfin / Beagle use. Beagle is probably more capable.
39:31 .... Close, 73s.