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Audio file is [http://www.hamsdr.com/dnld.aspx?id=998 here]. Total (edited) session time is 73 minutes.
00 Dave (KV0S) in the chair. GHPSDR transmitter code, 2nd receiver capability.
:George, K9TRV. Minor work on KISS.
:Phil, VK6APH. KISS penelope controls implemented. CW filtering. V1.05 soon ... but I have an SVN problem. Next version of Ozy delayed to Kirk's power supply problem. Cyclop's toroids may be available from China.
:Allan, KE7AXC. Seattle based, software at Boeing.
:Al, N0TDJ. N2PK VNA. Phoenix coding (is not dead).
:Graham, KE9H. Cyclops proto boards in, PS working, waiting for VCOs. So far so good.
:Richard, VK2NRA. New Yaesu FT-897. Wiki articles - new TR switch and ghpsdr.
14 SVN repair for Phil.<br />
20 Bill, KD5TFD. Austin Fest with SDR representatives.<br />
23 Manufacturing status on Alex, Excalibur, etc.<br />
24 Sysop details for wiki, mailing list, web, etc.<br />
28 Eval board for Ethernet board on way to Phil.<br />
28 Software languages and development paths.<br />
34 Multiple receivers up to 7 on a single Mercury board. Audio glitch. USB protocol and FPGA changes.<br />
39 Documentation needs and request for editors.<br />
41 Software rundown - review of the various clients and their development language.<br />
45 Documenting HPSDR based tranceivers. Embeded systems, real time code.<br />
48 Cyclops oscillator output levels.<br />
50 Mercury FPGA code - pin assignments?<br />
51 Cyclops test code. Calibration. Design.<br />
56 Austin fest info, Flexradio presentation. <br />
58 Mark, W8XR. KISS SVN repository conventions. CW filter method.<br />
64 Coding in PC versus FPGA. Iambic keyer.
[[TS-2009-Aug-08|Text messages]] sent during this session.

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