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Audio file is here. Total (edited) session time is 76 minutes.

00 Dave (KV0S) in the chair. GHPSDR transmitter code, 2nd receiver capability.

George, K9TRV. Minor work on KISS.
Phil, VK6APH. KISS penelope controls implemented. CW filtering. V1.05 soon ... but I have an SVN problem. Next version of Ozy delayed to Kirk's power supply problem. Cyclop's toroids may be available from China.
Allan, KE7AXC. Seattle based, software at Boeing.
Al, N0TDJ. N2PK VNA. Phoenix coding (is not dead).
Graham, KE9H. Cyclops proto boards in, PS working, waiting for VCOs. So far so good.
Richard, VK2NRA. New Yaesu FT-897. Wiki articles - new TR switch and ghpsdr.

14 SVN repair for Phil.
20 Bill, KD5TFD. Austin Fest with SDR representatives.
23 Manufacturing status on Alex, Excalibur, etc.
24 Sysop details for wiki, mailing list, web, etc.
28 Eval board for Ethernet board on way to Phil.
28 Software languages and development paths.
34 Multiple receivers up to 7 on a single Mercury board. Audio glitch. USB protocol and FPGA changes.
39 Documentation needs and request for editors.
41 Software rundown - review of the various clients and their development language.
45 Documenting HPSDR based tranceivers. Embeded systems, real time code.
48 Cyclops oscillator output levels.
50 Mercury FPGA code - pin assignments?
51 Cyclops test code. Calibration. Design.
56 Austin fest info, Flexradio presentation.
58 Mark, W8XR. KISS SVN repository conventions. CW filter method.
64 Coding in PC versus FPGA. Iambic keyer.

Text messages sent during this session.