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This page will be used for any current announcements regarding our HPSDR website http://hpsdr.info/, this HPSDR Wiki, or the HPSDR Discussion List.
This page will be used for any current announcements regarding our HPSDR website http://hpsdr.info/, this HPSDR Wiki, or the HPSDR Discussion List.
The domain name "hpsdr.org" is possibly no longer available to our group, so we've obtained "openhpsdr.org" and "hpsdr.info" as a stop-gap measure.  If you don't get our usual web page using http://hpsdr.org -- then try http://openhpsdr.org or http://hpsdr.info
The domain name "hpsdr.org" is no longer available to our group, so we've obtained "openhpsdr.org" to use for our internet activities.
In addition, our discussion list (reflector) could be inoperative for an undetermined period if hpsdr.org domain becomes unavailable to us.  We'll restore it or replace it as soon as possible -- and if replaced, all current subscribers will probably be asked to re-confirm their subscriptions (this would be because of our hosting provider's requirements to keep anyone from spamming those who do not wish to subscribe).
==Got Unsubscribed?==
==Got Unsubscribed?==

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This page will be used for any current announcements regarding our HPSDR website http://hpsdr.info/, this HPSDR Wiki, or the HPSDR Discussion List.


The domain name "hpsdr.org" is no longer available to our group, so we've obtained "openhpsdr.org" to use for our internet activities.

Got Unsubscribed?

If you suddenly find yourself unsubscribed from the HPSDR Discussion List (reflector), chances are the email messages to your subscription address have been bouncing. Most often (if your subscription address is still current), it is due to your internet service provider (ISP) attempting to protect you from perceived spam. The worst ones are usually the largest ones (see notes about Comcast below).

In the case of our discussion list, the messages are sent out on one of our host's servers. There may be 10,000 other senders using this same server, and all it takes is just one to either send actual spam or have one of the big ISPs think it is spam -- and POW! the ISP puts this server on its black list. Once this is done, the ISP rejects email to YOUR address if it comes from this server.

The solution is not to fight a losing battle with the ISP, but to use an alternate emailbox such as gmail.com. If you insist on looking in your ISP emailbox only, the email from gmail.com can be automatically forwarded to it...of course, unless it too is blocked by your ISP.


March 1, 2009 - It was three years ago today that we began the website domain hpsdr.org and our discussion list (reflector). Today, on our third anniversary of the domain, our reflector has over 900 subscribers! I'd like to remind all that if anyone is needing help in posting messages or subscribing to the list, your list administrator is available to help. All queries are normally answered within 24 hours, so check your spam folder if you don't find a reply within that period of time.

Some Old Stuff

I DIDN'T DO IT! - Comcast Again

December 25, 2006 - Seems this past week that our Mailman software program which runs our HPSDR Discussion List has thrown in the towel and given up on those with comcast.net email addresses. Apparently after so many attempts and being disabled so many times, Mailman unsubscribes the offending address(es) automatically. Again, I would urge those with comcast.com addresses to get a free gmail or similar email account to either receive discussion list messages directly or to configure so that it forwards them to the comcast address. That should make everyone happy again! Email me directly if you need a "gmail invite". Sorry about the problems, but it is out of my hands. -- AE5K.


November 9, 2006 - Comcast has been blocking once again and those with comcast.net email addresses are no longer receiving discussion list email delivery.

October 17 - On again, off again. Comcast removed the blockade last week once again. As of this date, it appears all is well. Remaining information is being left on this page for historical reasons and to serve as backgrounder if Comcast decides to block our HPSDR Discussion List email from reaching their customers once again.

September 30 - Comcast is "at it again" -- as of this morning, I believe all our list members with comcast.net email addresses have been BLOCKED BY COMCAST from receiving HPSDR discussion list email. Here is the "diagnostic message" we are receiving from Comcast:

  host gateway-s.comcast.net[] said:
  550 blocked by ldap:ou=rblmx,dc=comcast,dc=net -> BL003
  Blocked for spam. Please see

September 14 - A spot check on several comcast.net subscriber records indicates no blacklisting our discussion list traffic for at least a week now. It appears all back to normal.

Sept. 11 -- About a week ago, Comcast apparently took our discussion list mail server off the blacklist (at least temporarily) and I restored delivery of HPSDR discussion list email to all those with comcast.net addresses.

Previous posting on this problem is left here for now:

As our subscribers to the discussion list who have "comcast.net" email addresses know by now, Comcast is currently blocking (rejecting) our discussion list email to comcast.net addresses. You can find out about Comcast's sea of upset customers by Googling "comcast blacklist". I'm also reproducing below part of a communication from our hosting provider "Dreamhost" (for the discussion list).

From Dreamhost:

 Comcast blocks are atypical from the others that we?ve been having problems 
 with in that they last indefinitely until unblocked manually. Unlike AOL 
 blocks (which phase out automatically after 24 hours - though may reappear) 
 someone has to flip a switch over there for any future mail to go through.
 The unfortunate part is that they have zero human availability and all we
 get from their blacklist email address are auto-responses ? either the IP 
 is automatically unblocked, or the unblock is denied and the phone number 
 of their abuse/security department is given. Unfortunately, this phone 
 number is a completely unmanned voicemail drop-box. We?ve left no less 
 than six messages on their voicemail in the last couple months, and despite 
 numerous requests we have never received a phone call back or an email 
 response. We?re not even asking that they remove the blacklist ? we?re 
 simply asking for more information on why the IPs were blocked, and for a 
 sampling of the typical spam they are supposedly getting from us! In fact, 
 the only response we can get from them (if we get one at all) is an 
 automated form message saying that ?most of the email? received from our 
 IPs is spam, which we know, in fact, is false.