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Apollo is to be a companion 15W PA and Low Pass Filter for Hermes. The idea is to build a self contained HPSDR Transceiver into a box similar to the one used for the two Alex boards.

The box, made by Hammond has a sliding cover on one of the sides (Series 1455, PN 1455N1601). This cover can be used as Front Panel and behind this a display up to 4 inches may be installed. There will also be space for a controller (Beagleboard or something else). One of the goals is a small platform to use as controllers for a self contained transceiver.

Another goal is current consumption of less than 0,3- 0,4 A but this seems to be difficult with the existing units (Ozy, Mercury and PC/ controller). If we can manage to get all into this box and working with suitable software, we can modify the hardware and use less power hungry components for a 2.nd generation transceiver.

Useing latched relays for filter switching will save power. This will require modified software but should not be difficult. The interface to Hermes will be I2C.

The LP Filters will be based on Alex but with only one Antenna connector. The toroides may be smaller (T38 instead of T50). Also the capacitors can have lower voltage ratings. An Antenna Tuner can also sit in on the same board. (LDG makes good tuners so it may be possible to use one from them)

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