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Updated 11 July 2012

There is a weekly forum on Saturday (UTC time which is Friday evening in the US -- see chart below) called OpenHPSDR weekly Teamspeak forum, where folks discuss the projects they are working on, or resolutions to problems they are having. Following the forum the audio is usually posted on Forums>Teamspeak. The link to the audio is posted on the HPSDR mailing list.

Information for getting Started, in PDF format can be found at (NOTE: this guide is out of date since it uses Teamspeak 2 rather than Teamspeak 3 which is currently being used)

The URL for the OpenHPSDR Server is and the password is PlayRadio and is case sensitive

Note that we use Teamspeak 3 which is not compatible with version 2.

The Free Windows, Linux and Mac Client programs can be found at at Click on the "Download Now" button to the right of the page.

Due to several time challenged hams, the attendees on Teamspeak sessions have agreed to use 01:00 UTC during US daylight time days and 02:00 UTC during standard time days. This leaves the US time for the Teamspeak session constant and the rest of the world shifts by one hour unless they have daylight time shifts.

0200 UTC Saturday
2100 EST Friday (9 p.m.)
2000 CST Friday (8 p.m.)
1900 MST Friday (7 p.m.)
1800 PST Friday (6 p.m.)
0100 UTC Saturday
2200 EDT Friday (9 p.m.)
2100 CDT Friday (8 p.m.)
2000 MDT Friday (7 p.m.)
1900 PDT Friday (6 p.m.)

Thanks to Jeremy, NH6Z, for providing the Teamspeak 3.0 server.