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HPSDR Documentation

This newly created section will eventually contain links for downloading all documentation for HPSDR Projects.

Please bear with us as this area comes together.


Atlas Backplane , Rev 1.4, June 2006.

Atlas Backplane , Rev 1.4, June 2006

This is the backplane into which all other board are pluged for power and communications.


Pinocchio Extender Board, Rev 1.0, July 2006.

Pinocchio Extender Board, Rev 1.0, July 2006

This board allows the experimenter to extend the HPSDR board above the other boards so that measurments can be taken while the system is in use. Mainly used by board developers.


Penelope with PowerSDR , Rev 1.2, May 2008.

Penelope with PowerSDR, Rev 1.2, May 2008

The manual describes how to physically set up Penelope as well as how to set up PowerSDR to use Penelope. Revision 1.1 contains corrections to the pin-out of the DB-25 connector (changed pin 7 to 17 as one of the analog grounds and added pin 21 as digital ground). Additionally we note that the current version of PowerSDR for Penelope contains a bug that, on start-up, will immediately make Penelope transmit in voice modes. A work-around to avoid this is described in Appendix A.

Revision 1.2 contains an additional section explaining why no Transmit Image Rejection is necessary and that therefore the corresponding Phase and Gain controls should both be set to zero.


Janus & Ozy with PowerSDR, Rev 2.0, February 2008.

Janus & Ozy with PowerSDR, Rev 2.0, February 2008

This revision describes how to use USBIO.exe to install the USB driver for Ozy and PowerSDR v1.10.1 or higher to use Ozy for control of the SDR-1000 and/or Janus/Ozy for the audio. Finally a more complete description of all the LEDs on Ozy and Janus has been added.

Janus & Ozy with PowerSDR, Rev 1.2, June 2007.

Janus & Ozy with PowerSDR, Rev 1.2, June 2007.

This revision includes the updated SVN location for the PowerSDR package, which has a modified initozy.bat with faster responding Ozy control of the SDR-1000. This revision also includes some information on Janus LEDs 4 (yellow) and 5 (green) that light up before initozy.bat is run.