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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This is a new section started to allow asking and hopefully answering questions about HPSDR.


  • DOC This section contains links for downloading manuals for HPSDR Projects.

Getting Started


  • SVN Subversion code versioning software Source code in the process of development.
  • Links to HPSDR software and resources can be found on the Resource page.
  • DOWNLOADS - Firmware and Software Links to old firmware and software.
  • Links to the Verilog/FPGA programming course by Kirk, KD7IRS -- see the Verilog page.

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 Software

  • CW Skimmer From Alex, VE3NEA, has support for Mercury
  • KISS Konsole, Written in C# and intended as a simple introduction to PC DSP programming.
  • java-sdr Platform independent Java by John G0ORX/N6LYT.


  • PowerSDR Running on Microsoft Windows XP. Vista, or Windows 7
  • PowerSDR Quick Startup Guide Documents to help users get HPSDR setup and working. Includes firmware upload instructions.

USB drivers for Windows

Linux Software

  • java-sdr Platform independent Java by John G0ORX/N6LYT.

Linux USB Drivers

Linux System Integration

  • SYSTEM INTEGRATION This section contains information relative to "putting the pieces together".

MacOS X Software

  • Mac-Ghpsdr is a version of ghpsdr v2 with changes to make it run acceptably on the Mac by Jeremy McDermond (NH6Z).
  • Heterodyne is a native Cocoa implementation of an HPSDR receiver. It uses currently John Melton's modified DttSP from ghpsdr to do the DSP work, but replaces out everything else with native Objective-C and Cocoa technologies. The current author and maintainer of the code is Jeremy McDermond (NH6Z).
  • java-sdr Platform independent Java by John G0ORX/N6LYT.

Cross Platform issues


  • Multi-Receiver How-to - This page explains the multi-receiver options and how-to set them up.

Software Projects

  • ATHENA - A software Server module - A project to build OS specific server code, module communication libraries and communication protocol documentation.
  • KISS Konsole - Learning SDR Console - The KISS Konsole is a software project to provide a straightforward, well-commented User Interface to Mercury and other modules.

HPSDR Radio Setup Examples

  • A complete HPSDR transceiver provides an example of how to build your own transceiver using HPSDR components and other available hardware and software.
  • The Antec P183 Solution an example of how to build your own transceiver using HPSDR components and other available hardware and software in a traditional a mid-tower PC enclosure.

Hardware Configuration Cautions

HPSDR Performance Tests

The purpose of these pages are to establish HPSDR performance measurement process standards.

Receiver Performance Tests

Transmitter Performance Tests

Hardware Projects



  • ATLAS - Backplane - The Atlas is a passive backplane that all other modules plug into.
  • LPU - Simple Linear Power Unit - The LPU unit takes power from a regulated power supply and steps it to the input needed by Atlas.
  • METIS - (formerly called OzyII) - A high speed PC interface - High speed PC interface using Ethernet PHY.
  • MERCURY - 0-65 MHz Direct Sampling Receiver - Perhaps the most exciting of all modules, Mercury will enable direct sampling of the 0-55 MHz spectrum.
  • MAGISTER - USB 2.0 to Atlas Bus Interface - The Magister module is an alternative to OZY and METIS.
  • PENNYLANE - Two stage Penelope - This is a two stage penelope based on changes made in the Hermes boards.

Primarily Mercury and Penelope related

  • ANTENNA SWITCH - by NT-Electronics - An antenna switch for use with Penelope and Mercury when Alex is not used, also has optional low Noise RX Amplifier for 6 meters

Primarily Phoenix and Janus related

  • JANUS - ADC/DAC Board - The Janus module is a very high performance, dual, full duplex, audio frequency A/D and D/A converter board.


  • PANDORA - Enclosure - HPSDR enclosure.
  • EXCALIBUR - Clock Reference board - A board to allow an external 10 MHz frequency reference interface.
  • PINOCCHIO - Extender Card - Pinocchio is an extender card to allow measurements and troubleshooting of an active card in an ATLAS back-plane.
  • HERCULES - By NT-Electronics - A 100 Watt amplifier designed to be compatible with current HPSDR hardware (Atlas, Penelope, Mercury, and Magister/Ozy).
  • PENNYWHISTLE - 20 Watt RF Power Ampilfier - The PennyWhistle takes the RF output of Penelope and amplifies it to approximately 20 watts.

Completed but unavailable

  • PENELOPE - Companion Exciter to Mercury - A 1/2 watt DUC(k).
  • OZY - HPSDR Host Interface & Control - The OZY module is an FPGA based interface controller card providing input and output connections to the real world. Now replaced by the MAGISTER or METIS module - see above.

Future hardware

Hardware nearing completion

  • ALEXIARES - RF Preselector - Alexiares (or Alex for short) is a set of RF Bandpass filters for use with Mercury and Penelope or any other SDR. Alex also contain an RX/TX antenna switch.
  • HERMES - A DUC/DDC Transceiver - Merging the verilog code of Mercury and Penelope into a single FPGA, on a single board.
  • APOLLO - 15W PA and Filter - A companion 15W PA and Low Pass Filter for Hermes.
  • PHOENIX - QSD/QSE Receiver/Transmitter Module - QSD based HF Receiver, a QSE based HF Exciter and a supporting synthesizer.

Proposed hardware

  • CYCLOPS - Spectrum Analyzer - Cyclops is a 0-1 GHz spectrum analyzer with tracking generator support.
  • DEMETER - Power Supply - Power supply designed for HPSDR.
  • GIBRALTAR - GPS-disciplined Frequency Standard - Gibraltar is a GPS-disciplined frequency standard board.
  • ODYSSEY - Low Power Handheld SDR - Odyssey includes a low power SDR based on the QSD, QSE, and a dsPIC33 as the basic radio core.
  • THOR - High Efficiency HF Power Amplifier - Thor is a high efficiency HF power amplifier using Envelope Elimination and Restoration (ERR) techniques.
  • MUNIN - 100W HF Power Amplifier - Munin is a 100W HF power amplifier, This hardware is dependent on Alex filters.
  • GRIFFIN - A Chirp-WSPR beacon board - This board is a stand alone beacon board.

Other proposed/future hardware

  • ANICETUS (Anie) - Preselector - A few designs for narrow band preselectors.
  • EPIMETHEUS - General Purpose I/O - Epi is a general purpose I/O board for the Atlas bus and includes relays, open collectors, IF switching, etc.
  • HELIOS - Helios Small Transmitting Loop Antenna and Controller.
  • HORTON - Receiver Module - A receiver module integrating the Janus ADC with a QSD on a board for a version of the HPSDR RX board.
  • PROTEUS - Prototyping Board - This is the planned prototyping board.
  • SASQUATCH - DSP back-end - The Sasquatch board is a hardware DSP back-end intended for use by constructors who would like to operate stand-alone rather than attached to a PC.

Board Designer's Resources

ANCILLARY - Additional "stuff" of interest to HPSDR

Some stuff like Norton Amplifier, FPGA VHDL/Verilog ...

EXPERIMENTERS-CORNER - Ideas not yet projects

ADMINISTRATION-NEWS - Messages about HPSDR web, wiki, discussion list