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Libusb0 (the earlier version) is used on the Windows system.

Please do not confuse 'libusb0', used on openhpsdr Windows systems, with 'libusb1.0' (a newer version) which is used on Linux systems. There is a separate page for libusb1.0 libusb1.0 Notes.

Just before Dayton 2010, signed drivers for libusb0 were created. Here is the text of my message on the list on May 12, 2010:

Dear All,

Thanks to work done with/by Michael J. Wyrick, W3UC, of Acquisition Logic, and myself, we have signed drivers for libusb0!

This means that those of you with 64 bit Vista or 64 bit Windows 7, can now install the libusb0 drivers and use them. That means that you can use Ozy or Hermes on such computers, in a way that will allow using CWSkimmer and other software that requires using libusb0 as the driver.

This also means you won't have to use WinUSB on such computers. Libusb0 performs better than WinUSB does. You will need modified versions of KISS and possibly PowerSDR, to ensure that the .Net code is 32 bit, so that all the 32 bit C/C++ dlls that are used will work. This is a requirement as it is NOT POSSIBLE to mix 32 bit and 64 bit code. So if you have 64 bit .Net code, you MUST have 64 bit C and C++ dlls. For example, this CAN be done with KISS Konsole, but only if you follow the directions on my WIKI page for WinUSB WinUSB Notes, so that the FFT dlls are the 64 bit version! Otherwise, you are much better off using the 32 bit code and what Phil VK6APH already provides.

I have uploaded these drivers to:


In this folder, you will find the drivers, as well as a zip file containing the drivers.

The .inf file has been updated to deal with most HPSDR radios (Ozy and Hermes, at Hermes' assigned VID and PID), as well as a product by Acquisition Logic that can be used as an SDR. It also supports the Flexradio SDR-1000.

Perhaps someone with greater permission on the SVN (Bill KD5TFD or Phil VK6APH) would like to move this to a more public place, and note that place on this page?

If you have problems installing the driver, please email the list (and/or copy me) and we'll try to help. If you have problems with KISS, I think that I can help, but maybe Phil VK6APH can as well. For problems with PowerSDR, Bill T KD5TFD is your best resource. Bill was going to mark a version of PowerSDR.exe as 'x86 only', which will make it 32 bit code, and make it work on 64 bit. Because PowerSDR depends on other 3rd party 32 bit DLLs, it will NOT be working in 64 bit mode!

Vy 73, George Byrkit, K9TRV