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The HPSDR (High Performance Software Defined Radio) Wiki

NOTICE: You do NOT need to log in to this wiki in order to read it! Only if you need to edit the material (project leaders, documentors, etc.) do you need the authorization which a login gives.

Our Internet Resources

Web pages for more stable and general information:

Discussion email list (reflector):

TAPR/HPSDR ordering page:

HPSDR History

Here is a link to the a <a href=">Phil Covington's website</a> that explains some the the developemnt history of HPSDR and Mercury and it relationship to Quick Silver.

Wiki Sysop

Please contact KV0S (the "Wiki Sysop") for information or help. Contact may be made via email: "kv0s" at "hpsdr" dot "org".

All who wish to edit this Wiki must be authorized by the Sysop. This is done to prevent vandalism of our wiki. To obtain a log in account, please email the Sysop with a request.

Do not submit copyrighted work without permission. All submittals, unless otherwise arranged will be considered in public domain.

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