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PowerSDR in operation by Ron, W9KFB

PowerSDR is the Microsoft Windows based client software created by Flexradio to operate their software defined radios.

It has been adapted (primarily by Bill Tracey, KD5TFD and Doug Wigley, W5WC)) to work with the HPSDR Mercury, Penelope, Ozy,Magister, and Excalibur boards. Features of the software also support the Antenna Switch, Alexiares, and the Hercules 100 Watt Amplifier.

As of this writing (May 2010) the latest HPSDR modified version of PowerSDR can be found on the HPSDR source code management system (SVN). The address (URL) to use is:
svn:// To use this software you will also need to download a "Skins folder". Currently the quickest/easy way to get this folder is to download and install a related program called PowerSDR-IF Stage" which can be found at URL: http://www.wu2x.com/sdr.html#download

This Skins folder must be placed in a folder as follows on Windows XP Professional operating systems: C:\Documents and Settings

           \Application Data
                \FlexRadio Systems

Note <username> cannot be: Default user, All users, or Administrative user! it must be a named user...

PowerSDR is licensed under the GPL.

See the Quick Startup Guide for installation and configuration notes.

See also PowerSDR Keyboard Shortcut List.