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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Wolfson Chips

On 12/8/05, Ahti Aintila <ahti@attocon.com> wrote:
> My favorite is AKM's AK5394A. The A weighted SNR (@48 kHz) of
> the converters are:
> WM8785:  111 dB
> AK5394A: 123 dB
> The difference of 12 dB means a lot to me.
> Here is some more information that I already sent to Phil H:
> --
> The local representative of Asahi Kasei came back to my
> enquiry sent directly to Asahi Kasei. Free samples (3) of
> AK5392A can be delivered within few days, evaluation board
> takes 180 EUR (+VAT) and 9 weeks, small volume (100)
> production price 32.00 EUR/unit, normal production delivery in
> coils of 1000 units 17.00 EUR (1 EUR = 141.48 JPY). Delivery 9
> weeks.
> Despite these high prices I am interested, but just now cannot
> find time to start from scratch. Here are the links:
> www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/akm/en/product/ak5394a/ekd5394a-03.pdf
> www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/akm/en/product/ak5394a/ek5394a.pdf
> --
> Possibly I must wait until February in any case, before I can
> start working with these ideas. Perhaps at that time some
> other solutions are working already. By the way, Saxo may be
> better board for the project.
> Ahti OH2RZ

The AK5394a was one of the leading contenders on my list. 
Unfortunately the only distributor in the USA is AllAmerican and they
do not have them in stock.  Also, minimum order quantity is 1000 units
according to a response to an email inquiry that I made a few days
ago.  I would like to get a hold of even some samples and they were
promised, but none have shown up so far.  We will see...

The PCM4202 is rated 118 SNR, not as good as the AKM part but better
than the Wolfson.  Of course we all know that part manufacturers would
never inflate their performance claims don't we? :-)

Achieving those SNR numbers in practice will be a lot harder than
printing them in a datasheet...

73 de Phil N8VB