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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Cyclone II board

Thanks again, its now fixed! 
Jack B. "gunny" McAlister   KE7FMD   gunny@cableone.net
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Date: 12/11/05 16:26:59
Subject: Re: [Xylo-SDR] Cyclone II board
Just FYI but your computer seems to think it is march 13, 05 ;- )
Jack McAlister wrote:
> explanation of the Manhatten style construction. This is a better
> construction method than "ugly" construction.
> Jack B. "gunny" McAlister   KE7FMD   gunny@cableone.net
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> Your board sounds good, and that is a good price for the chip.
> All this new technology has one drawback, you must get a PCB board
> made because it's impossible to breadboard without a PCB to solder the
> chips to.
> Right now when I need a PCB board, I sketch it with pencil to figure
> the line layout, then use Photoshop to create the 10X art, which after
> verification I print on a piece of photo paper and use heat transfer
> to a PCB board.
> It works well for small boards, but it's a very tedious method to make
> a larger or complicated board.
> I guess I should have learned to use a Software package like Kicad or
> Eagle some time back when I had no need for them, so now I would be
> able to lay out my own PCB's. Hindsight is almost always 20/20 :'(
> For simple home-made boards I use Pulsonix to print a transparency on
> JetStar film in an inkjet printer and use it with positive resist
> coated material, exposing to UV, developing in sodium hydroxide
> solution, and etching in ferric chloride. More complicated boards I
> get made for me from the Gerber output files. It isn't expensive, even
> for four-layer boards.
> Leon
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