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Re: [Xylo-SDR] FDR?

Hi Leon, Phil and Phil,

Do we really need to take a truckload of hardware and the supporting Gigabytes of Bill Gates' or Linus Thorvalds' stuff (or possibly kilograms of apples) when going portable?

Why not really use FPGA, DSP circuit, DDS, a simple microprocessor, LCD and few pushbuttons to create a Firmware Defined Radio (FDR) instead of the SDR? I think, Gerald's innovating SDR-1000 and the related tedious software exercise after that has already very well demonstrated (and still continues to do) the feasibility of totally new radio architectures.

By the way, for practical reasons I very much second Phils' suggestion of supporting PCM4202 and TLV320AIC23B in the XYLO project (AK5394A would have been marginally better, but ...).

Many thanks to everybody for the great work,
Ahti OH2RZ

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I've decided to take account of the various suggestions and make my board as general-purpose as possible. It'll have the bare minimum on it, and consist of a small plug-in module (four-layer PCB), for use with a motherboard which will have the ADC mounted on it, and a socket for the SR V5. The motherboard may even be home-made, for prototyping, and for use with another ADC or radio front-end. I designed something like this a few years ago, with an Altera Flex 10K chip on it. It had a 64-way DIN41612 connector on it, to which I attached prototyping cards with things like a VGA interface, LED displays and pushbuttons. I even implemented a very simple CPU on it, based on one written in VHDL in Hamblen and Furman's book: Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems. I did something similar with a Xilinx Spartan chip.



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