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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Xylo

They are about $25, you can get them where you buy the Xylo.

< http://www.knjn.com/ShopFPGAcables.html >

At 10:07 PM 12/13/2005, you wrote:
At 10:06 AM 12/13/2005, you wrote:
>A USB2 port to talk to the PC, a I2C port to talk to the A/D and D/A
>chips, and a bunch of I/O pins, what else do we need?

I was thinking today about a FPGA PCB design, and thinking that
if the header pins come out the bottom, as on the Sylo, rather than
the top, they could either be stuffed with straight pins to plug into a
carrier PCB, or stuffed with right angle IDC connectors to allow cables
to plug into the board while on the carrier.  Only thing I would have
done differently would be to have used 20 pin headers instead of 14,
to allow an HP 165x series logic analyer pod to plug in for debugging.
Of course the flying leads can be used with any size connector.

Has Altera published the design of the parallel port programming
cable so that we could build our own? Or is there a cheap way
to buy one?


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