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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Firewire, DSP and FPGA on one module

another big problem with using C-incapable DSP chips is the fact that
once these are obsolete, it needs to be ported to the new processor.
C67x is a nice part. I use C64x in my day job and have used all the
other 16-bit fixed point TI parts too (I work for TI). If there were
free tools, I would have definitely prefered to use a C67xx part for
PIC-A-STAR, which would have given me more MIPS to do more interesting
stuff and also write everything with C.

There is a free TI-supplied C-compiler for the TMS320VC33 series. Download the University DSK zip file. It needs the University DSK to run the debugger, but includes a simulator, compiler, assembler, etc. Even includes source code for some of the tools.


Lyle KK7P