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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Wolfson - Xylo interface working

I'm in the process of building a perfboard prototype for the TI chip similar to what I've got for the Wolfson. I think 90% plus of the FPGA code will be the same as the TI digital audio clocking looks to be the same as the Wolfson.

Next thing to do on the FPGA side is to do 24 bit sampling @ 192 khz. On the PC side I think I have some work on how to jam this stuff into PowerSDR.



At 09:10 AM 12/26/2005, ecellison@comcast.net wrote:
Phil and Group

Nice work.

Watsa we move on to the Cirrus chip (have lost the reference since my e-mail computer died Friday)? Help? Also the TI codec for the complete (audio) T/R package? The Cirrus A/D that Bob and Phil_C mentioned also has an Eval board, which is too expensive for me, at about $500, however, the schematics and design documents are VERY complete and should provide us with a sound <-Pun design for what we are attempting to do including balanced audio inputs.