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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Wolfson chip interface for S3 and Xylo

Very nice. Yes, there are any number of us who are designing with the Xylo/Saxo interface. Modifying the circuit would be very helpful. Basically I think the 'connection point(s)' will be CONIO1 and the I2C interface.
Although the CS8351 seems a little expensive even in quantity, in the overall this looks like the superior A/D of those searched to date. Ten dollars won't make that much difference in the end. At least a few of them are available from Digi-Key here in the US currently in stock, until our group gets throught with them. Even though the lead time is pretty steep, they will probably reorder by the time we have something really viable to offer.
I also think that we should be working on the "transmit side" with the TI Codec Phil_C originally mentioned for the reasons he gave.
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From: "Leon Heller" <leon.heller@bulldoghome.com>

> I've uploaded my S3 interface for the Wolfson chip to:
> http://www.geocities.com/leon_heller/adc2.pdf
> Comments, please.
> It's not quite complete, I need to add the op-amp -ve supply; I'll simply
> bias them at 2.5V, to keep things simple.
> I could easily convert it to a Xylo interface, if anyone is interested.
> 73, Leon
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