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[Xylo-SDR] My ADC board

Just got my CS5381 chips from RS. They should be available from them in the US, also:


I've also got a 24.7576 MHz oscillator, but I slipped up and ordered a 5V one. I'll put a potential divider on the output to make it compatible with the Wolfson MCLK input. It will probably work OK on 3.3V, anyway. Golledge here in the UK makes some nice little SM 3.3 oscillators, I'll get a couple of samples when they get back next week:


I'll put one of them on my prototype, as well as the DIL one.

Just waiting for some stereo sockets so I can check the footprints before finishing the PCB layout. I'm sure I've got some, somewhere, but can't find them.

Leon Heller, G1HSM