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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Saxo


You might look at the resource page at the bottom of the message for
examples and resources. Phil Covington - N8VB has submitted some verilog
code, as well as toutorials from the web.


I have not heard of anyone working to enumerate the FX2 as an audio or hid
class device. Efforts are concentrated on using the FIFO's to stream I/Q
audio directly back to the OS using the driver provided by FPGA4FUN, which
is probably the default driver for the FX2. I heard that GNU has a driver
for the FX2. Phil - VK6APH and Bill - KD5TFD currently have the Wolfson 8785
chip sending left justified (I think) 24 bit stereo audio back into

I just got my SAXO yesterday, but have not had time to work with it. Cute
little thing, and worth the 100 bux for experimenting, and learning.

Happy New Year


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I've just received the new Saxo board this morning! I still have a few 
things to resolve since I will be using Linux for playing with the board.

My goal is:

a. Have the Saxo enumerate as an USB Audio Class device so that I can 
leverage ALSA and Jack under Linux.
b. Use the USB HID interface to communicate with the FX2 8051 
c. Implement a parallel port interface under the FX2 control so that I 
can control the SDR-1000.

For data acquisition, I will initially be using the AD1838 CODEC since I 
have it in hand. Later I may change the CODEC to separate ADC/DACs with 
higher dynamic range.

A few questions to the group:

1. Is there anyone experimenting with the Xylo/Saxo under Linux?
2. For the current development under Windows, is the USB Audio Class 
interface being used? If not what mehcanism is being used to transfer 
data from the FX2  to the computer?
3. Is there any attempt to load FPGA code via USB without using the 
fpga4fun tools?

Since I don't have any experience in programming FPGAs, I will have to 
slowly learn it. I want to use the FPGA just as an I2S interface plus 
FIFO for interfacing the FX2 with the CODEC chip. Does anyone have any 
code fragment I could use for this?


-- Edson, pu1jte, n1vtn, 7n4ncl

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