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[Xylo-SDR] Xylo Teamspeak Forum 1700 today 01-07-06



Here is the audio of the second Xylo group Teamspeak forum. Only Cecil, Bill and I were there and it is a little rambling.


It is my opinion that the discussion revolving around the “Product”  we are working toward is crucial to the survival of this Xylo thingy group.


I am not talking about a commercial product, but unless we get something into the hands of users it is a just for fun type thing which will fade quickly. Examples of “products” which have effected the world are



SoftRock 40 VER.xx



I suggest we move the Xylo Teamspeak to the evenings US time. I’ll touch base with Phil – VK6APH, a prime mover in the early going on this when he is available.


I am going to continue pursuing the buss and daughter card structure.