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[Xylo-SDR] Eurocard Cyclone II PCB

I'll do it!

I'll order some of the 96-way connectors and a couple of FX2 chips tomorrow, so I can check the footprints. I've already got the Cyclone II chips, but I need to get some of the configuration chips, as well.

I've got the 96-way straight and right-angle connectors in the Pulsonix library.

I'll use a four-layer board. There is no point in cutting corners and it'll be much easier to design, as well as cutting down on emissions. As most of the connections will be to the DIN connector, I'll save a lot of time by using the autorouter on them. I might as well put a 24.576 Mhz oscillator on the board, feeding one of the FPGA clock inputs and brought out to the connector, to save having one on the ADC board, as well as a 50 MHz oscillator. I've had my Flex board running at 125 MHz, so we could got a lot faster.

73, Leon
Leon Heller, G1HSM