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Re: [Xylo-SDR] NRFC - (No Request For Comment)



Yep, have checked TenTec for an enclosure for both our project here and an enclosure for the UCB project which is hanging fire at the moment. They don’t have what I really want at the moment. I  think we can come up with a pretty slick design for our uses as well as ‘stand’ alone ‘one off’ offerings, such as the GPS frequency standard I am obsessing about. These would be based on Leon’s design of the FPGA board as the ‘heart’. The key is the established width of the EuroCard standard and MANY enclosures based on that width.


Ironically the Rose stuff is from a paper catalog that the Wolfoson Distributor left me when he brought the 8785 chips! He is a pretty good guy for a salesman, however, his customers are Locheed and Scientific Atlanta, so we are small potatos!


Keep the juices flowing!






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Those 19" racks look beautiful $$$, I like the vivid red Rose enclosure also.

About two years ago I go rid of a single and a double size Eurocard 19" rack that was sitting in my garage for years. Moral of the story if you get rid of something you will be sorry unless it's a dead mouse.

Eric, have you checked out Ten-Tec out, it might be worth sending a email to them, they make all sorts of enclosures including reasonably priced custom ones.

< http://www.tentec.com/ >

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Unfortunately not at the moment, I’ll see what I can do. To get started on daughter card design, the important thing in my description below is that the real estate we have to use is going to be 2” by 4 Inches, with the 96 pin connector on one 4 inch side (Standard EuroCard width and about ¼ the depth) any connectors to the real world on the other 4 inch side which protrude through the front panel. Maximum height of components on the board must be < .75 inches per original suggestion. I estimate raw costs on manufacturing a daughter board will be about 16 – 20 bux depending on quantity.


I am still googling enclosures so the height of the backplane is still in question. I am trying for Phil’s 4 board selection. Also motherboard stacking is still in question, but will probably come out the bottom or the top of the enclosure. That might be left on the MB in final design, but inaccessible from this particular enclosure.


If an enclosure with vertical as well as horizontal slides is chosen, any additional length in the enclosure (i.e. 4 inches in a standard eurocard enclosure) would have vertically mounted boards to hold such larger components as power regulators.


I’ll try to get a concept drawing.


I have found a Rose+Bopla “Build a Box” which fits our approximate requirements, but I am still searching. Also I have not found a distributor for these enclosures. Anything OEM tends to be expensive, in small quantities.






Vero Electronics might make something suitable:
They've been in the Eurocard business for years.
73, Leon
Leon Heller, G1HSM
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