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Re: [Xylo-SDR] NRFC - (No Request For Comment)



Unfortunately not at the moment, I’ll see what I can do. To get started on daughter card design, the important thing in my description below is that the real estate we have to use is going to be 2” by 4 Inches, with the 96 pin connector on one 4 inch side (Standard EuroCard width and about ¼ the depth) any connectors to the real world on the other 4 inch side which protrude through the front panel. Maximum height of components on the board must be < .75 inches per original suggestion. I estimate raw costs on manufacturing a daughter board will be about 16 – 20 bux depending on quantity.


I am still googling enclosures so the height of the backplane is still in question. I am trying for Phil’s 4 board selection. Also motherboard stacking is still in question, but will probably come out the bottom or the top of the enclosure. That might be left on the MB in final design, but inaccessible from this particular enclosure.


If an enclosure with vertical as well as horizontal slides is chosen, any additional length in the enclosure (i.e. 4 inches in a standard eurocard enclosure) would have vertically mounted boards to hold such larger components as power regulators.


I’ll try to get a concept drawing.


I have found a Rose+Bopla “Build a Box” which fits our approximate requirements, but I am still searching. Also I have not found a distributor for these enclosures. Anything OEM tends to be expensive, in small quantities.










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Having a hard time visualizing this box. Got a picture or drawing to look at?





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Phil, and Cecil thanks for the extensive RFC. I will have an enclosure and design based on your earlier comments, perhaps it will become a ‘product’ in itself. This is more within my capability as a contributor.


Youse guys should go back to producing circuits to go in the ‘box’.


My plan:


Enclosure and motherboard based on Euro or VME standard buss structure 96 lines including 3 powers and ground, triplicate pin assignments removing 12 pins from 96.

Enclosure construction with vertical and horizontal card slides.

Design project board real estate will be standard EuroBus 100 mm (3.9x inch) width horizontally mounted on slides with a 2 inch depth (2”x4” inches)

Case depth will probably be 6 inches with 2 boards mounted vertically in the rear to mount larger components to support power and modules like GPS rcvrs (TBD)

Height still to be determined.


Target price for enclosure and backplane minus active components is < $50


Have at it. Anyone up to desiging a Cyclone II heartbeat with FX2 USB, I2C, Serial port front mounted on 3.9” ???