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[Xylo-SDR] Questions - Enclosure - MB - Kicad



I ordered an enclosure to ‘play around with’.




It is the 400 model.


Stupid question. Is it possible to mount one 96 pin staggered connector on the back of the Motherboard. My dyslexic mind can’t figure it. Are all the traces on plated through holes in 2 planes. If not ‘no sweat’ I’ll figure out more proposals for using the space in the back of the case. There ARE parts, like my new Isotemp 10 mhz crystal oven which would never go in a box we are contemplating. I am still open to ANY suggestions on reasonable packaging.


I’m also going back and looking at PC104 etc that I looked at before.  


Kicad posted a new version in the last few days. Someone on the forum contributed a parts designer. Drill stuff was apparently solved in a December (or earlier) release. I’m back to Kicad, it REALLY IS an elegant program. There is an Oracad translator but didn’t see if this was for ‘parts’ or schematics or what. I didn’t see an Eagle .lib translator, but that WOULD be great!