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Re: [Xylo-SDR] Questions - Enclosure - MB - Kicad

On 1/11/06, Eric Ellison <ecellison@comcast.net> wrote:

> Stupid question. Is it possible to mount one 96 pin staggered connector on
> the back of the Motherboard. My dyslexic mind can't figure it. Are all the
> traces on plated through holes in 2 planes.

Don't know what you mean here.  Can you make a drawing of what you are

> Kicad posted a new version in the last few days. Someone on the forum
> contributed a parts designer. Drill stuff was apparently solved in a
> December (or earlier) release. I'm back to Kicad, it REALLY IS an elegant
> program. There is an Oracad translator but didn't see if this was for
> 'parts' or schematics or what. I didn't see an Eagle .lib translator, but
> that WOULD be great!

There is.  It is called exp-kicad-lib.ulp


You have to run it from inside Eagle as a user language program.  It
will export the libraries in Kicad format.

Also,  I am able to know compile Kicad on Windows (I could only
successfully compile it under Linux before) so if anyone is interested
I can tell you what I did to get the enviroment set up to compile it.

73 de Phil N8VB

> Eric
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